Alexander Technique Teachers

in St.Albans


Finding out more

There  is a wealth of information about the technique available on the internet. We list several key sites on our Links page.

The best way to get real understanding is by having a series of private lessons. If several people are interested at the same time, we are happy to run an introductory workshop for small groups. Reading more of the theory of the Technique is highly recommended and we alway ask new pupils to read at least one book about it. We offer a free lesson to new individual pupils who wish to understand the work better before deciding to continue with private lessons.

But reading on its own won’t give full understanding--that will only come with experience. And teachers as well as their pupils are continuously learning!

Use of the technique has helped many thousands of people to function better and deal with many problems.  If you have got as far as to read this, wouldn’t it make sense to have a few lessons?