Alexander Technique Teachers

in St.Albans


Our teaching room


Introductory workshops or any other form of classes are no substitute for the one-to-one learning that takes place in a private lesson--just as if you want to learn to play the piano or drive a car, you need a personal teacher. We offer a free introductory lesson to new pupils who wish to understand the work better before deciding to continue with private lessons.

Our lessons:

  1. take place in our teaching room pictured above

  2. last 35 to 40 minutes

  3. need no special clothes but please wear loose clothing with trousers

  4. cost £45 a lesson or £450 for 11 lessons (2019)

During lessons we will work with you to go through many daily movements and activities. We will discuss with you how you want to work. Developing  a clear understanding of how your subconscious habits work and how to prevent them, as well as a clear picture of what you do want, is part of the learning process for all of us.

Lessons are not a substitute for medical treatment. Do seek qualified medical advice for any condition. Real benefit from lessons means using the ideas of the Technique in everyday activities.