Alexander Technique Teachers

in St.Albans


We did our three year course at the STAT-approved school run by Ray Evans in Aylesbury. We graduated in 1993 and have taught since then.

Ray had trained with Walter Carrington. We  met and worked with many teachers and attended many  STAT AGMs and workshops.  During our training we were fortunate to be able to meet and have lessons from several first generation teachers, including Walter Carrington, Marjory Barlow (FM’s niece), Peggy Williams and Elizabeth Walker.

Our teacher training

Elizabeth Walker working with Graham

Professional Development

We teachers need to keep on learning.We started going to PD workshops in 1992 supporting our local teacher network. For over 20 years we went to day workshops with Nelly Ben-Or, who trained with Patrick Macdonald.

We  have been to several Alexander World Congresses—Graham in Jerusalem in 1996, both of us in Freiburg in 1999, Graham in Lugano in 2008 , both of us again in Lugano in 2011 and both of us in Limerick in 2015.

More recently Graham worked with Jeando Masoero who investigated in great detail how FM Alexander solved his own problems and what influenced him in doing so. There were no other teachers to put hands on him at the time! FM was greatly influenced by François Delsarte—teacher of gestural training and best known as the inspiration for American modern dance. There is a link to several podcasts on the links page where Jeando gives details of all this. Jeando's work is precisely based on FM's writings and is based on developing conscious guidance and control in activity, which FM certainly practised.

We continue to go to workshops with Ron Colyer who took over Ray Evans school.

Alexander Technique International

ATI was started mostly by American teachers who had not trained within the STAT system. It does not run training schools but has a growing international membership.

Graham was  active in being a member of and chairing various committees. He also served on the ATI Board for four years.

Nelly Ben-Or working with Kerstin

Nelly Ben-Or supervising Graham  and another teacher in our back garden